Eye Drops + Eye Spray + Eye Vitamins
Eye Drops + Eye Spray + Eye Vitamins




Instant relief with our soothing Eye Drops (Hyaluronic Acid) and Eye Spray (Liposomes and pro-vitamin B5). They work together to boost and strengthen your tears as well as moisturise the skin around your eyes. Our Eye Vitamins help dry eyes and promote long-term eye health. With Lutein, Maqui Berry and Zinc.


“Our Drops+Spray combination instantly restores the natural moisture in your eyes and relieves the symptoms of dry, sore eyes – whether from menopause, allergies or just a little too much screen time.”


our drops Help with

Dry, sore or burning eyes that need intensive moisture

Our drops give you instant relief if you’re suffering from very dry eyes. Our eye drops make wearing contact lenses much more comfortable.

Helps dry eyes from medication, air pollution (including air-conditioning & central heating), allergies and after eye surgery. Safe to use with other eye drops and sprays.

Use The Eye Drops With Your Eyes Closed
Instant relief. Great for contact lenses.
Our Spray Helps with

Dry, burning and itchy eyes

Our spray gives your eyes much-needed moisture, which helps if your eyes are tired (and gives you headaches). The spray also helps if your vision's blurry or if you feel like there's something in your eyes.

How To Use The Eye Spray
4 -8 hours. Good for contacts & makeup.

Look after your eyes

Our daily multivitamins contain lutein and zeaxanthin (antioxidants naturally found in your retina). We've added vitamin C because it's used to reduce the risk of cataracts, as well as zinc and vitamins B2 (riboflavin), B6, B9 (folic acid), B12 and E, which all help look after and maintain your vision.

We've also added a pure extract of maqui berry, a 'superfruit' that only we use. Maqui berries have been shown to help your eyes produce tears and help the symptoms of dry eye and eye strain. Our berries are sustainably harvested from the wild forests of Patagonia.

Vitamins pill Vitamins pill placeholder
Doesn't interfere with other supplements
  • Instant relief with our soothing and preservative-free Eye Drops & Eye Spray. Our Eye Drops with 0.3% Hyaluronic Acid and our Eye Spray with Liposomes boost and strengthen your tears.
  • Our Drops and Spray are great with contact lenses (hard and soft). It helps make them feel more comfortable. Our Spray won't smudge or smear your makeup.
  • Our Spray and Drops are preservative-free. (Over time, preservatives can cause allergies and irritation.) Our Vitamins don't have any artificial colours, flavourings, allergens or GMOs - suitable for vegans and are Cruelty-free.
  • You can use our drops and spray with other eye drops (including prescription ones). We suggest leaving a 10-15 minute gap between the different sprays or drops.
  • Our vitamins won’t interact with any other supplement you’re taking. It's worth knowing that our vitamins give you a daily dose 10mg of zinc a day (the UK's recommended upper limit is 25mg a day).
  • Our Vitamins have a pure extract of maqui berry, a 'superfruit' that only we use. Maqui berries have been shown to help with tear production and help with dry eye symptoms. Our berries are sustainably harvested from the wild forests of Patagonia.
  • Try putting your Eye Drops or Spray into the fridge (for an hour or so) before using them. Your eyes will feel extra refreshed. Make sure the fridge is no cooler than 2°C. The temperature of most home fridges is between 2˚C - 8˚C. (Our drops & sprays should be stored between 2°C and 25°C.)
  • Our team includes some of the world's leading professors and surgeons at London's best eye hospital. They've used one of the largest and most recognised studies in eye health (AREDS2) to develop our vitamins. They’ve chosen the best combination of active ingredients to help keep your eyes healthy.
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