Eye Drops + Eye Spray
Eye Drops + Eye Spray




Instant relief with our soothing and preservative-free Eye Drops & Eye Spray. Our Eye Drops contain 0.3% Hyaluronic Acid and our Eye Spray has Liposomes and pro-vitamin B5. Boosting and strengthening your tears and moisturising the skin around your eyes.


“Our Drops+Spray combination instantly restores the natural moisture in your eyes and relieves the symptoms of dry, sore eyes – whether from menopause, allergies or too much screen time.”

our drops Help with

Dry, sore or burning eyes that need intensive moisture

Our drops give you instant relief if you’re suffering from very dry eyes. Our eye drops make wearing contact lenses much more comfortable.

Helps dry eyes from medication, air pollution (including air-conditioning & central heating), allergies and after eye surgery. Safe to use with other eye drops and sprays.

How To Use Our Eye Drops
Instant relief. Great for contact lenses.

Our Spray Helps with

Dry, burning and itchy eyes

Our spray gives your eyes much-needed moisture, which helps if your eyes are tired (and gives you headaches). The spray also helps if your vision's blurry or if you feel like there's something in your eyes.

How To Use Our Eye Spray
4 -8 hours. Good for contacts & makeup.


  • Instant relief with our soothing and preservative-free Eye Drops & Eye Spray. Our Eye Drops with 0.3% Hyaluronic Acid and our Eye Spray with Liposomes boost and strengthen your tears.
  • Great with hard and soft contact lenses. It helps make them feel more comfortable.
  • No preservatives, just the intensive moisture your eyes need to stay healthy. (Over time, preservatives can cause allergies and irritation.)
  • You can use our drops and spray with other eye drops (including prescription ones). We suggest leaving a 10-15 minute gap between the different sprays or drops.
  • Our Eye Spray can be used even if you're wearing makeup - just close your eyes and spray from about 20cm away.
  • Our Eye Spray has added pro-vitamin B5, a natural moisturising agent found in the skin around the eye. This gently hydrates and moisturises the skin around the eyes and eyelids.
  • Most competitor sprays and drops last about 3 months. Our spray with its special spray mechanism and sealed, sterile glass bottle will last 6 months from first use.
  • Try putting your Eye Drops or Spray into the fridge (for an hour or so) before using them. Your eyes will feel extra refreshed. Make sure the fridge is no cooler than 2°C. The temperature of most home fridges is between 2˚C - 8˚C. (Our drops & sprays should be stored between 2°C and 25°C.)

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